designed by Studio Eurolinea Design

Minush was developed with contemporary lifestyles in mind: it strives to envelope you in a comfortable embrace. Featuring surprising stackability and a cushion to extend versatility of use, Minush combines durable materials with lively colors to be a great solution in a wide range of settings.

Product Details, Pricing & Specs


  • Minush 3550 Arm Chair
  • Minush 3551 Lounge Chair
  • Minush 3552 Grand Minush
  • Minush 3553 Grand Minush Settee
  • Minush 3569 Occasional table

designed by Studio Eurolinea Design

From the design studio:

“The result of years of experience in the design of plastics, Eurolinea designs products ranging from furnishings – such as chairs, tables and stools, to household items and packaging – such as reusable containers and accessories. Their large knowledge in engineering and industrial production and special Eurolinea pole makes cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are functional and innovative. – Treviso, Italia”