Gordon Green Initiative.

Gordon International has worked closely with its vendor base to develop a sustainable environmental policy that balances the logic of ‘green’ ambitions with the limitations inherent in contract office furniture. The manufacturing process for metals, plastics, woods and upholstery materials is inherently impactful on the environment, and will continue to influence our planet well into the future.

Our objective is to align ourselves with resources that are mindful of ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ policy, fully engaged in the use of completely recyclable materials, and working toward a comprehensive set of efficiency standards, from materials usage to systems and work flows.

Gordon Environmental Sustainability Policy.

Gordon Environmental Statement

We are proud to represent some of Europe’s leaders in these areas, and to promote product designs in the United States that are compliant with the rigorous standards of ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management). 14001 certification standards set the bar for mindful environmental policy in Europe today, and represent the most comprehensive approach to good environmental stewardship in the global furniture industry. Not all of our products currently meet these standards, but we continue to work toward that end, and provide icons for sustainability where applicable on the ensuing pages.


A general outline of our contribution to the contract furniture industry’s green initiative:

  • We are fully engaged in the use of recyclable materials. Frames and shells are 99% recyclable after use and often include more than 30% recycled components
  • We offer a comprehensive range of fabrics, leathers and vinyls that are sensitive to environmental concerns, including vegetable dyed leathers and reduced environmental impact, pvc-free upholstery options
  • Products incorporate pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials
  • Most wood components are from FSC certified wood resources
  • Domestically manufactured with point of final assembly in central NJ – within 500 mile radius of many project destinations
  • OEM Production Facilities ISO 14001- Environmental Systems
  • OEM Production Facilities ISO 9001- Quality Management Systems
  • Lean OEM manufacturing environments promote improvements in the production process. Reductions in environmental waste focus on such considerations as excess energy, water use, hazardous waste and solid waste disposal.
  • Packaging corrugated cardboard materials and containers used for packaging and transport of furniture products made with a minimum of 35% recycled material – GI cartons are from 100% recycled material
  • Parts replacement and service available – extending product life cycle
  • Contract durability with a 10 year warranty – assures extensive life cycle
Global Recycling Icon 99% Recyclable + more
Blue Sky Icon Certified ISO 9001 Compliant + more

A blue sky symbol is used to indicate that the OEM responsible for all component parts of this product has been certified as ISO 9001 compliant. This certification ensures a Total Quality Management approach that takes into consideration proper stewardship of all activities related to product development, production and fulfillment.

Leaf Symbol Certified ISO 14001 Compliant + more