Kanvas Too Collection

by Stefano Sandona

Kanvas Too is a contemporary, lightweight collection of multi-purpose chairs with matching stools, task and lounge elements. Its sleek, lean design and glossy finish are inspired by the beauty of neo-classical sculpture. Designed with a wonderfully curved back, Kanvas Too offers a gentle flex that moves with the user’s bodyweight. This provides exceptional comfort, even over extended periods. Kanvas Too has compact dimensions that make it ideal for high-density applications such as training and conference, auditoriums, educational and healthcare. Its fresh, modern profile is also attractive in a retail setting, cafeterias and recreational spaces. Upholstered seat only, frontal or full, with countless combinations and minimal thickness, complete the collection. Designed by Stefano Sandona.

Product Details, Pricing & Specs


  • Kanvas Too 2140 4 Leg Armless Chair – stackable
  • Kanvas Too 2140W Wood Leg Armless Chair
  • Kanvas Too 2142 Kanvas Too Sled Base Chair – Stackable
  • Kanvas Too 2142A Sled Base Arm Chair – Stackable
  • Kanvas Too 2144 Cantilevered Arm Chair – Stackable
  • Kanvas Too 2145 Task Chair
  • Kanvas Too 2145TA Tablet Arm Chair
  • Kanvas Too 2145A Task Arm Chair
  • Kanvas Too 2147 Lounge Chair

Designed by Stefano Sandona

Stefano Sandona

A Lifelong internal dialogue between different languages and cultures define the work of Stefano Sandona. His creations derive from elements of contemporary culture: graphism, the digital world, continuous motion. Inspiration drawn from travel, architecture and landscapes translate into sinuous objects, intense colors and sensory persuasion.

Born in 1974, later undergoing an artistic education, he gained significant experience working with professional design firms and manufacturers of furniture. His approach is practical and direct, skills acquired in the entrepreneurial Italian North East, developing elaborate and dynamic products compatible with the client and the market.

In 2006 he founded STEFANO SANDONA DESIGN. Its’ activities range from industrial design to product consulting and production, with a focus on the field of furniture.

In just a few years he has received numerous awards, including:

GOOD DESIGN Award from the Chicago Athenaeum
IF Design Award – Hannover
RED DOT Design Award – Essen


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