Basket Collection

designed by Alessandro Busana

Be enveloped.
Be enwrapped.
Just add you.
Or them.
Anyone, in fact …

Sculptural, decorative and appealing … it’s a Basket Chair. An armchair, characterized by its elegant sculptural composition, based on alternating full and empty space, conferring a strong personality. Rich, yet all the while, delicate.

The Basket chair is inspired by a traditional wicker container, from which the designer extrapolated principal structural lines. His result: the creation of a new decorative object; a comfortable “container to sit in”, and an object capable of defining its surrounding environment, thanks to the rhythmic spatial play that creates volume from the removal of content.

The possibility to use several types of bases gives Basket great versatility. Basket can be made stackable, mobile, used indoors or outdoors, and thanks to the characteristic voids in its shell, the seat can be easily upholstered, creating an delightful contrast between hard plastic and softer upholstery materials.

Product Details, Pricing & Specs


  • Basket 3400 4 Leg Armless Chair – stackable
  • Basket 3401 4 Leg Armchair – technopolymer legs
  • Basket 3402 Sled Base Chair
  • Basket 3403 Cantilever Base Chair
  • Basket 3404 Wood Leg Chair
  • Basket 3405 Pedestal Base Chair
  • Basket 3406 Pedestal Base Chair with Casters

Designed by Alessandro Busana

Born in Padova (Italy) in 1977, Alessandro graduated from the Scuola Italiana Design in 1999 with a degree in industrial design. He began his career with design collaboration at Rollerblade, Fila, Whirlpool, Alfa Romeo, Chicco, Roncato and Alessi. In 2004 he began his first independent creative design company, and attended national and international avantgarde exhibitions, (like The New Italian Design 2007/2010, Nazionale Italiana Design, Openhouse, Wonderful Water World, Made For China, DISCOVERING Temporary Museum of New Design, STUF…JUSTHINGS?, and Triennale di Milano). His work has been published in most prominent design magazines. In 2009 he founded “hole designstudio”, a new concept development agency that creates products for major national and international companies.