Formula Collection

by Demacker Design

A considered amount of this,

a discerning amount of that.

Method, meet madness.


It’s a Formula.

Product Details, Pricing & Specs


  • Formula 2540 4 Leg Armless Chair
  • Formula 2544 Sled Base Chair
  • Formula 2543 Sled Base Barstool

by Demecker Design

Born in 1970, Metthias Demacker has worked as a designer in Munich since 2003. Among his awarded distinctions: the Red Dot Design award in 2007; he was entered for the Rimaedit Young & Design Award in 2006; named for the Designpreis of Germany and for the Interior Innovation Award – Best Detail in 2005. Additionally, he has been decorated with the Rimaedit Young & Design award. Noted for creating designs which marry simplicity with refinement, functionality with comfort, he has been the subject of many journal reviews.