Product Spotlight

Kreature Lite

March 10, 2021


Kreature Lite offers the best of both worlds.

Fun and irreverent, it’s also strong like an ox, or some similar barn yard kreature.

It’s made from an injection molded polypropylene shell, with added fiberglass for extra strength. We’ve thrown in UV inhibitors to protect against the all powerful sun, and a handsome profile that makes you want to devour the world!

And if you can’t get enough of Kreature Lite’s enthusiasm in an outdoor setting, take advantage of the whole Kreature family. His brothers and sisters round out the offering and provide all the functionality your multi-use world can dream up.

Kreature comes in many different variations, with bar and counter, task, conference, pedestal, beam seating and more.


We hope you enjoy exploring our web, and maybe finding the perfect solution for your next foray into space planning, in Kreature style! Please visit the Kreature Lite product page for detailed information.