Manhattan is good.

Knowledge is good.

Cool is good.

Calm is good.

Surprising is good.

Relaxed is good.

Geometry is good.

Stirring things up is good.

Gordon is good.

Practical is good.

Innovation is good.

Good design has purpose.
It’s for us. For the people.
So when did furniture become stuffy?
Souvenirs on a shelf.
Good design should be real and welcoming.
And that doesn’t happen from afar.
You gotta get in there.
Mess it up. Make it yours.
Others can keep their pieces in a museum.
For the rest of us, Gordon is good.

Green is good.

In April we celebrated Earth Day! And we gave Kreature Lite a Second Life!

“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.” — Barry Commoner

Engaging is good.

Artesia Collection
Minimalist, practical and comfortable. Artesia is a fun, sleek, versatile and functional problem solver. Best-in-class for ease of assembly and unbeatable stackability, with patented design elements for efficiency.

Fresh is good.

Rule-breaking is good.

Designed to be moved, stacked, stored and reconfigured. Not necessarily in that order.

Serenity is good.

Comfortable, ergonomic lounge solutions for today's open plan environments.

Not trying too hard is good.

Bar and counter height seating to compliment our range of collections.

Streamlined is good.

Designed to accommodate the active user.

Zagging is good.

Solutions to complement your seating choices.

Effortless is good.

Solutions for outdoor work and play environments.

A range of contemporary European design collections ideally suited for contract project environments.

Timeless designs offered by Gordon for more than half a century. Van der Rohe, Breuer, Le Corbusier, Saarinen and more.