Smile Collection

designed by Giancarlo Bisaglia

Clearly, it’s happy
to see you too.

Add an upbeat undertone to the room you’re working on. Everyone should smile.


Product Details, Pricing & Specs


  • Smile 1496 High Back Lounge
  • Smile 1497 Mid Back Lounge

Designed by Giancarlo Bisaglia

Giancarlo Bisaglia was born and lives in Padua, Italy. He obtained his diploma at the Padua Art Institute and has been working in the field of industrial design for many years.

His GLOBAL DESIGN studio, established in 1993, focuses mainly on the design of office products – ranging from chairs to desk systems and objects for the home. Most of his clients are Italian and foreign coorporations. Additionally, his work includes the design of installations for exhibitions and trade-fair stands.

Noted accomplishments beyond design: he has been a lecturer in industrial design at the Italian Design School in Padua, he has successfully exhibited at ROSCOE in Canada and at the Biennale BIO show in Ljubljana, and he has gained recognition via participation in various Italian and international competitions.