Cluster Collection

designed by Luigi Vittorio Cittadini

Cluster. Just when we need it the most.

Isn’t it time to gather,
congregate, assemble …
and have some fun?

Cluster – an engaging and creative collection that allows you
to build a wide range of elements into a comfy chair that does
just what you need.

Choose from 5 base styles and 2 back elements to create
a stack of whimsy that is all business.



Luxy, a design leader in Italy since 1976, has a proud heritage in contemporary furnishings development. Gordon is proud to partner with Luxy in the North American marketplace, bringing the sophistication and appeal of European design to your doorstep. Explore Luxy in depth at

Product Details, Pricing & Specs


  • Cluster 6040 4 Leg Armless Chair
  • Cluster 6041 4 Leg Arm Chair
  • Cluster 6042 Sled Base – armless
  • Cluster 6043 Sled Base – w/arms
  • Cluster 6045 Pedestal Swivel armless
  • Cluster 6046 Pedestal Swivel w/arms
  • Cluster 6047 Task Chair – armless
  • Cluster 6048 Task Chair w/arms
  • Cluster 6049 Barstool w/1 pc back
  • Cluster 6044 Barstool w/2pc back
  • Cluster 6041W 4 Wood Legs

Designer Profile – Luigi Vittorio Cittadini

u003cdiv id=u0022bgLayers_comp-kxun84qdu0022 class=u0022_3wnIcu0022 data-hook=u0022bgLayersu0022u003ernu003cdiv id=u0022bgMedia_comp-kxun84qdu0022 class=u0022_2GUhUu0022u003eLuigi Vittorio Cittadini is an award winning Italian French product designer, born and raised in Casablanca (Morocco) and now based in Valencia (Spain). He got his bachelor in Industrial Product Design (2011) and his degree in Design u0026amp; Engineering (2013) at Politecnico di Milano (Italy).u003c/divu003ernu003c/divu003ernu003cdiv class=u0022u0022 data-mesh-id=u0022comp-kxun84qdinlineContentu0022 data-testid=u0022inline-contentu0022u003ernu003cdiv data-mesh-id=u0022comp-kxun84qdinlineContent-gridContaineru0022 data-testid=u0022mesh-container-contentu0022u003ernu003cdiv id=u0022comp-kxun84rpu0022 class=u0022_2Hij5u0022 data-testid=u0022richTextElementu0022u003ernu003cp class=u0022font_8u0022u003eHis background starts immediately after working in two important Milan studios: Atelier Mendini and Studio Giovannoni. Those wonderful experiences inspired the need to propose his own ideas, and he started presenting his first products during the design weeks in Milano (2016). First collaborations were with brands from other continents and then moving on to more stable collaborations in various European countries, with which he was able to try his hand at designing furniture, chairs and lamps and win awards such as the Golden Pin Design Award and the Must Have Poland.u003c/pu003ernrnu003c/divu003ernu003c/divu003ernu003c/divu003e